At Carlton Fuels we understand that road fuel is a crucial aspect of your haulage business.

This means your bulk fuel delivery has to be delivered on time and at the best possible price available.

We can offer you a reliable delivery of our complete fuel range. All fuel is collected ex refinery ensuring the finest quality produced and delivered directly to you.

Key benefits include:

  • Following day delivery as standard
  • Emergency response - same day delivery
  • Deliveries from 1,000 up to 35,000 litres
  • Metered deliveries up to 23,000 litres
  • Automated Top Up available
  • Flexible payment terms also available

To keep your fleet on the road, we can also provide you with a range of car and truck lubricants. Designed to help protect engines, improve performance and meet requirements of vehicles manufacturers.

Get a quote today for your bulk needs.

For those customers who also fill up while on the road, have you tried our fuel cards, which offer a flexible, secure refuelling solution?